Office reception spaceafter school HQ

The reception space is the "face" of the company's offices and its design is intended to reflect the company's vision.

The company specializes in operating children in daycare centers, summer camps and more.
The design details integrates motifs of the company's symbols and soft color palette of pastel colors combined with natural wood. Playing with Lego andd wooden blocks is also a source of inspiration.
The design of the space includes the reception desk, a total library at the back of the counter, wall panels, a padded- geometric seating area for waiting and rest.
The planning of the space was done in a  dialogue with the CEO of the company and the employees in order to create for them an inviting, pleasant and functional space that will be a solution to the daily needs of the workplace.


Furniture and soft objects design- Reception space: Sarit Shani Hay
Photography: Roni Cnaani

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