CATS + DOGSThe Israel Museum- Ruth Youth Wing, Jerusalem 2017

“2018 European Product Design Award Winner”

Commissioned by the Israel Museum, Sarit Shani Hay created different interactive objects for the “Cats & Dogs” Exhibition.

Dedicated entirely to the world's most beloved pets, the different exhibits explore the deep connection between humans and the two animals. The dispute between cat lovers and dog lovers is never ending. Addressing the debate, designer Shani Hay curated two exhibits for the museum. The designer's interpretation of the subject and personal design language were blended to create playful pieces of art. Shani Hay's first exhibit is comprised of two large puzzles incorporating three types of wood highlighting the anatomy of a cat and dog. The circular puzzles allow children to learn and explore the animal's parts in a fun, interactive manner. Each handcrafted piece exposes the animal's bones, fitting together to create the skeleton of a cat and dog. The puzzles exposed the two animals similarities, perfectly executing the vision and idea behind the exhibition. Shani Hay's second exhibit, “CatDog” is an elongated U-shaped beanbag. One end is shaped as a dog's head and the other as a cat's head, uniting the two animals in a creative way. The soft beanbag is a very inviting piece, allowing children to sit, lie down and play on it. The playful object attracts a great deal of attention, appealing to children of all ages. Instead of following the preconceived notion that cats and dogs are always fighting, the designer's exhibits unite the animals in a creative, whimsical way using a unique design approach. The "Cats & Dogs" Exhibition is an inspiring showcase of art, bonding the two loved animals together.

Museum Website:

Designer: Sarit Shani Hay
Museum Curator: Orna Granot
Photography: Roni Cnaani

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