"Island" installation- MUZA Eretz Israel MuseumThe Tel Aviv Crafts and Design Biennale, 2020

The "Island" installation is presented as part of the Tel Aviv Crafts and Design Biennale, 2020. The Biannale will draw a picture of the current scene in the various fields of crafts and design. 

As a designer specializing in children and educational environments, Sarit Shani Hay aspires to create objects and spaces that maintain a balance between industrialization and manual craft, human isolation and social interaction. In an age saturated with stimuli and increased exposure to pressure and noise, Shani has created an “island” of quiet that serves as a refuge, a split-level object that invites us to sit, recline and rest. The apex of each level features manually upholstered trees in a monochromatic palette that underscore the streamlined, functional character of this work, which is playful and inspirational, without appearing childish or clichéd.


Island, 2019

Sarit Shani Hay (b. 1964)

Plywood, upholstery foam, felt; carpentry, upholstering, hand-sewing

Variable dimensions


Photography: Roni Cnaani

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