Soft Landscape Installation- Design Museum HolonBlack Box Exhibition

The work is a site-specific installation created especially for the Design Museum Holon taking into account the architectural plan of the museum planed by Ron Arad.

I started to work on the installation a year ago, when the museum approached me. It was the beginning of COVID-19 days and there was a great feel of uncertainty and anxiety.

The installation is an imaginary landscape scene that examines concepts such as home, refuge, climate and animals, while exploring the relations between the wild landscape and the animals.

Animals occupy a central place in Sarit Shani Hay's work. She uses them to construct a private, imaginary jungle motivated by an empathic human gaze and a desire to overcome archaic fears.

For many years she had created soft dolls and objects using various technics, while dialoging with ancient handicraft technics. Her specialization in design for children has led her to frequently engage with the reciprocal relations that soft objects create in their encounter with children and adults.

Design Museum Holon Magazine Interview with Sarit Shani Hay 

The work was done in collaboration with Camira Fabrics UK.
Photos Roni Cnaani

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