Sharing a SpaceA Shared Bedroom & Playroom for Siblings

Finding a creative solution for a custom-shared bedroom is one of the great challenges our studio enjoys meeting.

Research shows that co-sleeping has a variety of benefits. Not only does it strengthen the bond between two siblings, but the children also learn important skills such as sharing and strengthened communication skills. In this project, located in the quiet north of Tel Aviv, two rooms were designed, including a shared bedroom for siblings of different ages, and another room for learning and playing. The ideal way to maximize the space was to design a chic bunk bed. On the other side of the room a custom-made open tree-motif shelving unit stores books and provides extra storage. The morphed built-in sofa has a fun swirl aesthetic perfect for lounging and reading a book. In the other room, geometrics characterize a custom playhouse and designated study area. Our unique fingerprint is apparent in this project through not only the fun furniture design, but also the use of raw wooden materials and various textures, as well as the limited color scheme. All of our handmade accessories add to the complete harmonic design.

Architecture: Samet Architects & J.S. Architecture
Photography: Roni Cnaani

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