A room for 5 siblingsThe White Apartment

Our studio's expertise is to solve a complicated problem with a simple functional design. In this beautiful project, we were commissioned to design a room for 5 siblings in a limited space facing sea view. A double bunk bed was designed, with a pullout bed, a big cupboard with lots of storage yet has in it a fun-house shape nook.

There is also including a learning desk and a bench for sitting and relaxing. The color of the room is based on a limited color palette that was specifically chosen. All the handmade accessories were carefully designed including handmade rugs and artistic soft beanbags. Each child has a unique hand-made doll to match the white bedding. The result is an harmonious fun room that is in line with the white apartment's elegant design. The project is an inspiring collaboration with the talented "Hameatzvot" who are responsible for the all interior design of the apartment!


Photograph by Amit Geron
The White Aparrment - Interior Design: "Hameatzvot"

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