Kindergarten & Daycare Complex Wholesale Market 2017

“2018 A' Design Award Winner”

The Kindergarten complex was recently launched on the site of the former Wholesale Market in Tel Aviv. 

The complex offers the residents of central and south Tel Aviv an extensive educational project with innovative design and planning. Covering 3,000 m², it spans a cluster of six Kindergarten classes, three daycare classes and a communal lobby. The design concept was inspired by the history of the site and the city of Tel Aviv. The sites long running history as a produce market was a recurring theme for the development of the design strategy. The Kindergartens were designed by themes of vegetables and fruits, market stalls, crates, delivery trucks, and market life. Images from the early days of the city have also inspired the various narratives interwoven into the compound. The lobby design, with its orange motifs, one of Israel's traditional icons, pays hommage to the story 'Path of the Orange Peels' by Nahum Gutman, well-known writer and illustrator of children's books.

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Interior and Furniture Design: Sarit Shani Hay
Architecture: Yashar Architects
Photography: Dudi Moskovitz
In collaboration with the Tel Aviv municipality and Gindi Tel Aviv.

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