David Citadel Hotel Activity Space2011

The activity and play space in Jerusalem’s David Citadel Hotel is intended to provide a creative solution for hotel guests and their children.

The design of this 100 m² modern playroom incorporates traditional iconic Jerusalem motifs, such as a windmill, cave, and the famous, Mahane Yehuda Market, providing children the opportunity to have fun and explore. In addition, the emblem of Jerusalem, the lion, is a recurring motif throughout the space. Mobile acoustic partitions divide the space into two separate areas. Although one space is intended for teenagers, characterized by more formalistic lines, both spaces have a uniform design language and similar color scheme that preserves the harmony. Variously sized islands float on the floor: soft ottomans with hand-sewn stitching intended for rest. The design project was meticulously conceived with great care and imagination to make the guests stay at the hotel an unforgettable experience.

Interior and Furniture Design: Sarit Shani Hay
The Building Architect: Moshe Safdie
Hotel Design: Piero Lissoni
Photography: Amit Geron
Commissioned by The Alrov Group

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