"merkaz maayan" - a therapeutic space for the individual and the family

A new inspiring therapeutic project - "Merkaz Maayan" has just been launched in Tel-Aviv.

Our studio had the privilege to be part of a team that helped to create the new Therapeutic Center. 
Founded by the visionary educator Lihi Geva, who lost Maayan, her beloved partner and the father of her three young children, to cancer at the age of 44 years old.

Lihi chose to continue Maayan's legacy, who in his short life contributed a lot to both society and the country.  After eighteen years in the education system, including four years as the director of a special education school, Lihi decided to establish the Center - A therapeutic space for the individual and the family.
The center provides a wide therapeutic envelope with a multi-professional systemic view from early childhood to adulthood. 
 Lihi in her uncompromising optimism swept us all into the task of making this dream come true: taking part in the design of the space, using our knowledge and expertise to create a harmonious space that will become another home for both children and their families.

In Collaboration with Duffy Half and Yasmin Avisar
Photography: Roni Cnaani

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