Bikurim Inclusive School - Tel Avivan inclusive learning enviroment that enhances achievement for all

The first inclusive elementary school in Tel Aviv is a flagship project designed to support the inclusive learning model by creating an environment that works for everyone.

The design brief was to foster inclusive experiences by rethinking the school's interior design.

The school, covering 2000sqm, supports the integration of students with disabilities into regular classrooms, with the understanding that each child is unique with his/her specific needs. Twenty-five percent of the students have physical disabilities, or are on the autistic spectrum and interact together in a space that encourages collaboration while celebrating the diversity of the students.

The challenge in developing the design strategy was to create a pluralistic learning environment that encourages accessibility, equality and flexibility based on universal design.  The process of developing the design concept was preceded by conversations with pedagogues and experts that understand the special needs in order to translate the idea into a physical environment. The school includes rooms for different types of classes and treatments, such as physical therapy, yoga/meditation, as well as private study. Each room is walled with glass to support the inclusive philosophy. 
Winner of the 2020 FRAME Awards for the social catagory 


An article in FRAME magazine about the project

Interior Design & Furniture Design: Sarit Shani Hay
Building Architect: Tsionov Vitkon Architects
Commissioned by the Tel Aviv Municipality & The Inclu Foundation
Photography: Roni Cnaani

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